Apex Medical Gas Systems is a fully insured company that offers a ​variety of services for all of your medical gas system needs. The following are some of the services offered by Apex:

Systems Evaluation/Testing and Certification- 
Evaluating and testing the medical piping network annually on an existing system and certifications performed after construction to ensure compliance with pertinent codes and regulations. 

​Medical Gas Pipeline Equipment, Parts and Supplies-
Apex offers an extensive line of all major manufactures' medical piping components.

Preventive Maintenance-
We provide medical gas system repair and maintenance of vacuum systems, alarms, air compressors, manifolds, outlets and valves.

Design and Consultation-
Professional review of the medical gas systems plans and specification ensures code compliance prior to installation. The design review process can result in value engineering ideas that help control costs. 

Annual Inspections-
Inspections give a complete overview of your medical gas piping system as well as source equipment, shutoff valves, alarms, outlets. All issues will be documented with a recommendation on how to ensure your facility is up to date with the current codes. 

Shut-Down and Backfeed Services-
Apex manages, coordinates and performs medical gas system modifications with active medical gas systems by setting up redundant temporary gas supplies. 

Repair and Installation Services- 
Installation of new medical gas systems and equipment that meet all NFPA code requirements. Apex can repair or modify any medical gas system and components.

Management and Temporary Supply Services 

Medical Air Systems 

Medical Vacuum Systems